Christine Sallas

Oboe/English horn, 2004-2007

Christine Sallas Photo.jpg

Christine Sallas, a former AYWS oboist and English horn player, will always remember her final concert. “It was the end of a wonderful experience with a fantastic group,” she says.

Currently the third oboe/English horn for the Omaha Symphony and an adjunct professor of oboe at Colorado Christian University, Christine attributes much of her success as a professional musician to the training she received while she was in the ensemble.

“AYWS gives students an artistic outlet, brings music to the community, and teaches students discipline,” explains Christine. “I loved performing with AYWS! It's a wonderful group and I learned so much from everyone there.”

The accomplished oboist – who holds degrees from the University of Georgia, Boston Conservatory and the University of Kentucky – often recalls fond memories of the Monday night rehearsals.

“AYWS taught me about preparation for rehearsals and performances, skills I still use almost daily,” she says. “And I loved Dr. Stewart’s conducting style as well as his open and welcoming nature.”

Christine’s experience in AYWS was life-changing – like it was for so many alumni – and she hopes the legacy of the group will continue for years to come.

“Supporting the arts should always be a priority,” she says. “Donations help give students access to fantastic opportunities like this one. The arts are the building blocks of our society. Without them, we lose our humanity.”