2018 - 2019 School Year

After a highly competitive audition process, the Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony (AYWS) is pleased to announce its 2018-19 roster of members.

This August, more than 350 students auditioned and 99 students were invited to join the ensemble. Regardless of the results, we hope that you had a positive experience and grew as a musician. We wish you a successful year and applaud your dedication to top notch music-making at your school.

A special thank you to all of the directors and private teachers who helped the students in preparation for these auditions!

Alternates will be contacted individually via email.

Congratulations to the following students who are the selected members of the 2018-19 Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony:

* Denotes Section Leader


Benjamin Smith* (Loganville)
Don Cofrancesco (Cambridge)
Jumi Park (Collins Hill)
Heeseo Han (North Gwinnett)
Johnny Fang (Westminster)
Rachel Lee (Lambert)
Tianyu Dong (Northview)
Gretchen Kim (Lambert)


Sarah Williams* (Chamblee)
Kristen Van (Milton)
Jacob Duff (Loganville)
Patrick Daw (Pope)


Daniel Catanese* (Walton)
Brendan Bassett (Chamblee)
Claire Chen (Westminster)
Reeve Coble (Pope)


Francisco Vidales Carranza* (Chattahoochee)
Andy Luo (Chattahoochee)
Ethan Metcalfe (Alpharetta)    
Vincent Fang (Westminster)
Jonas Du (Westminster)
Katherine Parler (Decatur)
Jaden Skelton (Buford)
Jason Mok (North Gwinnett)
Daniel Kim (North Gwinnett)
Sarah Park (McIntosh)
Janie Pan (Milton)
Lillian Coppage (Lakeside)

Bass Clarinet

Minjae Lee* (Lambert)
Benjamin Spinrad (Westminster)
Ronnie Kitchens (Martin Luther King)

Alto Saxophone

Natalia Warthen* (Newnan)
Sarah Jeffres (Pope)
Jonathan Webb (McEachern)
Nicholas Goldfarb (Decatur)
Devin Lloyd (Shiloh)
Paulark Yan (Parkview)

Tenor Saxophone

Aaron Yu (Westminster)
Harmon Austin (Pope)

Baritone Saxophone

Jacob Teague (Allatoona)


Joshua Vollbracht* (Kennesaw Mountain)
Brennan Bower* (South Forsyth) 
Shaun Jacob (South Forsyth)
Amelia Young (Parkview)
Maurizio Martinez (Parkview)
Grace Yao (Lambert)
Troy Kim (Norcross)
Abby Lewis (Norcross)


Sawyer Pritchard* (Decatur)
Syed Saadat (Lakeside)
Alvin Lee* (Lambert)
Anna Paulus (Milton)
Edward Huang (Whitewater)
Barton Sopata (Model)
Zach Pedowitz (Milton)
Preston Wilhite (Parkview)
Christopher Fitzpatrick (Milton)
Will Hudson (Mount Vernon)
Billy Sands (Woodland)
Joshua Underwood (Norcross)


Vincent Tapia IV* (George Walton)
Leland Whitlock (Chattahoochee)
Brooks Dokes (George Walton)
Cullen Hunt (Pope)
Justin Yu (Lambert)
Lachlan Stuart (Decatur)
Garrett Planchon
(Community Christian)
Bailey Croker (George Walton)

Bass Trombone

Christopher Lackey (Pope)
Henry Le (Dutchtown))


Alex Aull* (George Walton Academy)
Winston Luo (Lambert)
Joseph Bickel (Eastside)
Noah Minch (Hillgrove)


Bryant Fair (Kell)
Luke Pearce* (Kennesaw Mountain)
Jacob Lee (Lambert)
Anthony Lowe (Newnan)
Brian Faire (Lambert)


Reilly McClean* (Kell)
Drew Goldsmith (Milton)
Dudley Merriam (Milton)
Kobe Lester (North Cobb)
Ayden Marshall (Milton)
Harrison Boone (Parkview)
Megan Campbell (Lambert)
Chelsea Yang (Lambert)
Jonah Schertz (Milton)


Erica Hong (Lambert)


Chad Vatter (Northview)

String Bass